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Wooden Swing

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$39.99 $55.00

Aarsun Woods from Saharanpur brings to You handcrafted Traditional Wooden Swing is made with fine quality wood. Wooden Swings both side two pillar stand and supporting for the central swing.

Material : Wooden
Appearance: Antique

Wooden jhoola shows the artistic arched design on the below portion carved intricately. Two carved dowels are shown at the side of the core pillar within the middle. The finishing is done with the help of excellent wooden material and polish. in manufacturing Indian Wooden Carving Swing stylishly made up of teak wood with designer carving.


Aarsun Woods



  1. Bred Harrison

    i love how this broom has smaller grey bristles on one side and bigger black bristles on the other.. the grey bristles really are great for smaller crumbs and even dust! my old broom had broke about a week before this came in.. i always thought that a broom is a broom.. well i couldn\’t be more wrong!! this broom is great. This is awesome! Good luck with sales!

  2. Christopher

    It\’s the best quality. It\’s a little flimsy, but it works pretty well. I used it twice already and it picked up a lot of crumbs and dry cat food off the kitchen floor. Not a bad sweeper for the price. Simple and useful Sweeper, I love the skill and time put in, all the best!!!

  3. Michael Novotny

    Simple and good product.The quality is very good. Received my package all smashed and the round brooms bristles are all bent in different directions. I would give this a 4 star if I would have gotten my product in better condition.

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